Amber's version

it's Amber's version! Answer some questions to give me a feel for you and I will make something based on your responses handpicked just for you!

it may be something i design, it may be something we have had before that screams you, it is anything I feel fits! 

KEEP PIN MIND I am designing new things for these which takes time! The TAT may be extended and these boxes may take up to one month depending on demand! 

The $50 box includes a shirt, cup of choice, and one small item that varies based on what I think fits the vibe (may be a decal, sticker, keychain, koozie, etc)

The $100 box includes a shirt, cup of choice, and then the rest I pack with things that fit the vibe. Some smaller, some bigger but all reaching $100 in value. Maybe you get one of our purse/wallets, maybe you a sticker or two, maybe a whole ass other tshirt or cup or two. The box is curated by me to be a whole ass surprise for you! 

Answer these questions, you can send via the chat with us option in the bottom corner of our website. 

1. Give me a few colors you like

2. Tell me some things about you that may help me. For example if you are a nurse and wouldn't mind nurse themed items tell me that! Maybe you're all about being a baseball mom, tell me that!

3. do you like Disneyy and what's your favorite character/princess/villain? 

4. Movies, shows, books you're into? 

5. Have any favorite quotes?

6. Do you have any things you're known for liking? For example, if I was answering I would say Swedish fish, diet coke, smileys, and flamingos.

7. Hobbies?

8. Are you down for coffee themed merch? If so what kind of coffee is your jam? 

9. Is there anything I should avoid? Or anything you absolutely do not want?


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