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In some states it's now a felony to seek an abortion.
Even in cases of eptopic pregnancy, to finish a miscarriage (gentle reminder they are called spontaneous abortions), rape, incest, when it's an 11 year old, etc etc etc.
So if your body doesn't work the way "it's supposed to" and you need an abortion so that you don't d1e you may be considered a felon in some states.
In 2018 there was a 3.2% gender gap in voting. That means more women voted than men.
Women are statistically more likely to vote Democrat, largely due to Republicans war against women. This is statistically correct.
So that 3.2% gap is scary for republicans. It means they are 3.2% less likely to win any election. It essentially ensures their days are numbered because at some point more and more women are going to vote and their beliefs about our bodies, pay discrimination, and other issues are going to end them. It is statistically likely to happen based on every trend in women voters since 1984.
Instead of changing the Republican Party to be more inclusive of womens rights and equality for women they've chosen to double down. They have now successfully made it easy for women to become felons for seeking medical necessities to their bodies.
Felons cannot vote.
Tell me this isn't about keeping men in power and I will not believe you.
On the flip side of this please don't believe your democratic candidates give a shit about us. Obama, Biden, and countless others other the last 30+ years could've cotified Roe into law. Instead they choose to use Roe to keep women voters engaged. Demand this stops happening.
No matter what side we are on it's just a fact women are being used as pawns in politics. Our bodies and our rights and our existences should not be political points for campaigns.


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