We are not your Momma's t-shirt shop. We are 2 bitches in a basement making snarky products and kicking ass. 

First, there's Amber. The badass owner and designer behind the scenes who drinks a little too much Coke Zero. She has two daughters, Molly (a teenager, send wine) and Fiona (the classic 2nd child, send wine), a husband, and her favorite child: the golden lab named Bella. She built this business because she was a bored Stay at Home Mom who wanted to shop at Target more often without the "Mom Guilt" of spending money. Turns out she's kinda fucking good at this and built a little empire. 

Then she hired Nicole. Nicole is the assistant to this magic show. She reigns Amber in, keeps us on task, and is the glue that keeps this place together. She is a boy mom to 3, which means she basically lives at a baseball field when she isn't here slinging packages. She is also a firefighter wife so she's extra badass. 

So that's us. We run on target, wine, and shit ton of caffeine.

We make all the things and do all the things while blasting the Backstreet Boys because our 90s hearts will live forever.