We are not your Momma's t-shirt shop. We are 2 bitches in a basement making snarky products and kicking ass. 

First, there's me! I am Amber. (Rebma is Amber backwards) I
 own this shit. I run on Dunkin refreshers, crime shows, the little mermaid, and all the swear words. I'm a Girlmom, 2 teens and 1 little kid.... feel free to send wine because I probably need it! I joke that my favorite child is my golden lab named Bella. I built this business for 3 reasons and we operate for the same reasons today! They are:

1. To shop guilt free at Target. I am deadass serious. 

2. A few years back before the graphic t-shirt section on Etsy was overflowing there would be all these cute mom shirts I wanted... only they never came in my size. Or I had to pay extra. For these 2 reasons we are so proud to offer up to a 5x for the SAME FUCKING PRICE as all the other sizes. 

3. Being a stay at home was debilitating for my mental health. There is absolutely no shame in saying this, it's not for everyone and that is okay. I still wanted to be with my kids and this provides me the best balance possible to not lose myself as a human being! 

We grew and we grew fast so I hired Nicole. Nicole is the assistant to this magic show. She reigns me in, keeps us on task, and is the glue that keeps this place together. She is a boy mom to 4!  Which means she basically lives at a baseball field when she isn't here slinging packages. 

So that's us. We run on target, wine, and shit ton of caffeine.

We make all the things and do all the things while blasting the Backstreet Boys and the Chicks because our 90s hearts will live forever.